Begin your individualized journey toward mastery.

Begin your individualized journey toward mastery.

Goldsmith Performance is the lifelong culmination of Jason’s desire to help others realize the very best version of themselves by beginning their journey toward mastery. His globally recognized performance coaching begins with creating an environment of trust where vulnerability is embraced and the highest levels of performance are accessed. Becoming more self-aware, turning weaknesses into strengths and developing a process that allows every client to be confident and joyful when performing, whether it be in sports, business or life, are the cornerstones of his coaching philosophy.

Jason has developed a unique set of performance tools that will allow you to:

  • turn off the unwelcome chatter in your head
  • occupy your mind with useful information
  • create a process that is repeatable and holds up under pressure
  • recognize that thinking about performing is not performing
  • move through fear, detach from outcome, and...

Ultimately, to a knowing that everything you need is already within you.

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As the world's best human performance coaching tool using an artificial intelligence and computer vision enabled platform, Mustard's mission is to revolutionize the power of play by providing everyone with access to the best performance coaching available.

In a new book, Jason teams up with David Novak, host of the How Leaders Lead podcast, NYT best-selling author and Co-Founder and Former CEO of Yum! Brands, to bring you a groundbreaking new concept in leadership development: self-coaching.

Begin your individualized journey toward mastery.

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